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Poland - Hungary.  Tymoteusz Puchacz and strange claims after a lost goal

Poland – Hungary. Tymoteusz Puchacz and strange claims after a lost goal

On Monday evening, the Poles lost to Hungary 1: 2 (0: 1) at the PGE Narodov in Warsaw, deceiving themselves and the fans. 79. In minutes. At the end of the group stage of the World Cup qualifiers, 1-1, the Magyars began a dangerous process.

Puchacz slowly returned to the defense, being in the penalty area so instead of trying to save the situation he was watching what his opponents were doing, after the lost goal … he raised his hands in a gesture of disappointment and disgust. . To whom It is unknown.

Behavior is difficult to explain and can be frustrating for at least two reasons. First, the Poles fought for the most favorable result, giving them a certain (if possible, most likely) seeding in the first play-off match for the World Cup in Qatar. Second, the Buchas were an anti-hero during the opening game of the match on Monday. His head fell down after a cross from the opponent, Wojciech Schkisny was confused, and after hitting Andres Schaefer’s head, he sent the ball between his legs. It seemed that the Union Defender would do anything to atone for Berlin’s sins … and it turned out differently.

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Buchax’s behavior is similar to another situation in which the main “actor” is Presmislav Placetta. In the last group match against Sweden in the Euro 2020 final, with real chances of winning 2–2, the footballer completely gave up watching Victor Glaessen and captured Piolo 3: 2. – Seroni dismisses any dreams of advancing to the knockout stage.