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KSW 61: Marius Budzjanovsky and asukasz Jurkowski stand face to face on Sopot pier (video)

Marius Budzjanovsky and asukasz Jurkowski stood face to face on the pier of Sopot (video)

Marius Budzjanovsky and Andukasz Jurkowski will be the fighting heroes of the evening KSW 61. Before the experienced contestants met face to face during the official showdown and the fight itself, they met on the Sopot Pier.

“Pudzian” and “Juras” met the fans before the weight ceremony. The KSW stars also stood face to face with each other. However, there is no torment between the players, and it all took place in a pleasant atmosphere. Pudzianowski and Juras have known each other for years and declare that this is a purely mathematical duel.

The fight between Pudzianowski and Jurkowski will be a battle on the evening of KSW 61. During Saturday’s event at the KSW cage, Karolina Owczarz, Roman Szymański and Saladin Parnas, who are returning to start after his first defeat of his professional career, will also present their skills.

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