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KSW announced the fight of the evening during the KSW 71 concert. Szpilka debuts

For several months, Ziółkowski has been delighting experts and fans who have been watching his actions. “Golden Boy” won the tournament in December 2020 and since then has been able to defend his belt in confrontations with Maciej Kazieczka and Borys Mañkowski.

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Szpilka is waiting for his debut at KSW. “It’s going to be an interesting story.”

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Sebastian Rajowski will now face the 31-year-old in the fight for the belt. The player from Płock has won eight of the last nine matches and a streak of three victories in the KSW ring cage opened the way for a championship duel. Most recently, 30-year-old Niklas Backstrom, leaving former KSW champions Artur Sowiński and Savo Lazi in similar style on the undefeated field, scored.

Szpilka will fight at the same party

During this party, the long-awaited debut of the former boxer Artur Szpilka will also take place. He will face the former contender for the WBC heavyweight title Sergey Radchenko, with whom he has already fought in the boxing ring.

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– I’ve been talking to Martin Lewandowski for a long time [współwłaściciel KSW]. I treat MMA as an athletic challenge. If I was just looking for a show, I would defy the bewilderment, that’s it. And this is how I will fight Sergey Radchenko, who is a boxer (8-7), but has already fought in MMA twice (1-1), so he has some experience – said Szpilka in an interview with, who defeated the Ukrainian in boxing on points.

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Most of all, I wanted to face an athlete, not a celebrity. But I also did not want to find a one-story building for good morning, because it would be useless – answered the boxer.