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Kyle in New York contracted monkeypox: ‘The pain kept me awake’

Kyle in New York contracted monkeypox: ‘The pain kept me awake’

In Sweden, 77 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed so far this year. This week, the Public Health Authority announced that it had received enough doses of the Jynneos vaccine for about 1,500 people. Priority will be given to those exposed to monkeypox virus during vaccination.

“The most important thing to slow the increasing spread of infection is early identification of cases,” Sören Andersson, unit chief at the Public Health Agency, says in a press release.

A new vaccine can be approved

During Friday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that it was recommending EU member states to approve another vaccine against the virus. It is related to the Imvanex vaccine, which has already been used against smallpox.

The official decision on approval is made by the EU Commission, TT Mandates.

The World Health Organization convened a panel of experts

On Thursday, the World Health Organization held an expert meeting to decide whether the outbreak of monkeypox should be classified as a global health crisis, which is the highest warning level of the World Health Organization. A similar meeting was held on June 23, when it was decided that the outbreak was not serious enough. It is not clear when the results of Thursday’s meeting will be presented, TT writes.

Kyle Blank is one of those infected with monkeypox. You hear him say more in the clip.

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