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Walrus Freya in Norway – sunbathing on boats

The famous Freya walrus has been swimming across Europe in recent months.

Now it has been discovered in good health in Norway.

But the Directorate of Fisheries is backing down.

“If she doesn’t get the rest she needs, she can feel threatened and attacked,” they wrote in a press release.

Freya the walrus has become a celebrity in many European countries throughout the year. In March, she was seen at Smögen in Bohuslän. Recently, it was found in NorwayNorwegian writes Aftenposten.

It was last Friday when the Fisheries Directorate’s inspection vessel Rind was tasked with finding a walrus in the Oslofjord, which they initially thought would be a tough challenge. But already in the evening they managed to find Freya with the help of the police.

“Freya is doing well,” the Fisheries Directorate wrote in a press release.

Now the Directorate of Fisheries is appealing to people and boats to leave the walruses alone.

“When people bother her and she doesn’t get the rest she needs, she feels threatened and attacked. They write that people nearby can cause dangerous situations.

Norwegian authorities are urging the public to stop bothering Freya.

A Norwegian who wants to paddle sprays water on Freya.

Kept cache at first

Because of all the attention Freya attracted, they initially chose to keep the location a secret.

– Acting Director of Communications, Nadia Al-Jedini, at the Fisheries Directorate, told the newspaper, that we will continue to monitor it and will not reveal its whereabouts.

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They have now assumed that Freya was seen in Lisker. There, among other things, she was busy sunbathing on various boats.

Freya became a celebrity in Norway.

Give the walrus peace and quiet

There are many famous bathing spots in the area where Freya was seen and it is important to keep your distance if you appear there.

It is a free and wild animal that swims wherever it wants. Al-Jedini says it is not out of the question that you will be able to swim there.

After last seeing Freya on Friday night, they chose not to take any further action.

It was quiet around Freya, who was looking for food. And there were a few cases where we randomly directed passersby on the lake, with a recommendation to leave the area, they wrote.

During Saturday, she has yet to be seen.

If a walrus is not allowed to rest, it may feel threatened and attacked.