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Tom was rescued in the middle of the Pacific |  News

Tom was rescued in the middle of the Pacific | News

The hope was to become the youngest person ever to row across the Pacific Ocean. And 24-year-old Australian Tom Robinson is close to success.

But at the end of his record-breaking attempt on Thursday, 100 nautical miles off the island group of Vanuatu, his self-built boat capsized.

According to reports, Tom Robinson was sitting naked on the hull of the boat daily Mail.

Then the emergency signal sounded – which may have saved the 24-year-old’s life – alerting the authorities.

She was rescued by a cruise ship

Early Friday morning, a cruise ship was able to reach the announced coordinates and rescue the stricken Australian.

Robinson was said to have been dehydrated and sunburned, but was otherwise in good spirits. Once on board the cruise ship, he received medical assistance, clothing and warm food.

– I want to extend a huge thank you to the crew of the P&O Pacific Explorer, whose seamanship and professionalism ensured a safe rescue, says Tom Robinson according to the Daily Mail.

At the start of July last year, the 24-year-old began rowing from Peru in South America with the aim of reaching Cairns in Australia by December.

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