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Christerson’s talk about gangs is uncivilized

Punishment is enough to listen to this man

Ulf Kristersson's address to the nation was about gang crime.  It was not a pleasure to listen to him.

Public transportation in Paris Crawling with bugs. A little brown mischief hiding in the seams of the seats, they settled down seriously, and moved on without the slightest thought of packing up again. People don’t dare to sit down. The bloody and itchy bites are just the beginning – the monsters burrow into their clothes, move around entirely on their own terms, and take up residence in homes and workplaces.

It’s a classic display of strength on the part of Mother Nature, a reminder that civilization is at her mercy. The pandemic has been the worst, and we have never felt more like animals. You may be wearing chinos and loafers, but when it comes down to it, the body rules.

Then we visited the medieval plague, and now we are in the apocalypse. All the dust was kicked up in Egypt when the Pharaoh refused to release the Israelite slaves, those who were there claim. They would have used dust paintings more seriously in the Paris tunnels.

One may wish for it Disasters were a kind of punishment. At least then they will have gone to avoid or learn from something. But those who bear real responsibility for cleanliness in Paris rarely use public transportation. If bed bugs are a divine punishment, God should look better.

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Crisis always hits hard on those who are already suffering from it. Now gangster criminals are also shooting in wealthier neighborhoods, but suburbanites have had to put up with this nonsense for several years without any talk of AI cameras or turning over every stone.

I watch Ulf Kristersson from my sofa and it feels like a punishment in itself. During his address to the nation, he clenched his fist two Microphones in the jacket, one on each stroke. Surely this man is not content to explain to the Swedish people that all crimes are the fault of immigrants – we will hear it in a surround voice, completely surrounded by his feigned attempts at statesmanship.

Isn’t this the definition of double punishment, where they both have to endure gang crimes and witness this self-fulfilling revelation of the PM trying to solve the problem?

If bedbugs have shattered the Parisians’ illusion of the triumph of civilization, Christerson is our equalizer. The time for dignity is over. We are done with politicians who defend science and protect freedom, as happened during the pandemic. Rosenbad can add a weather vane to the interior.

And maybe itchy this too. Itchy fingers after filling the newspaper with words, and the inside of the forehead itches after reading the news in the morning. We’re not quite there with bedbugs yet, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned in recent years, it’s that they can always get worse.

Suddenly, mysterious spots on seats on the Stockholm subway seemed like a blessing.

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