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Labor law - the rules.  Exemptions for drinking alcohol while working remotely are possible

Labor law – the rules. Exemptions for drinking alcohol while working remotely are possible

We are hearing more and more about the disciplinary dismissal of employees who have been assigned to work remotely. reason? Drink alcohol while performing your duties. According to specialists, the problem is serious.

The epidemiological situation in Poland has resulted in millions of employees being commissioned to work remotely. For many of them, this form has been mandatory for more than a year. He also urged the government to work remotely to reduce the number of coronavirus infections as much as possible.

According to the Labor Law, when working remotely, we are bound by the same rules as in the case of the normal performance of official duties in the workplace.

at the same time An unexpected problem has occurred. More and more people are using alcohol while working remotely. In some cases, there was a disciplinary dismissal. It’s an increasingly common problem Drinking alcohol Or drug abuse while working at home. I recently received at least a dozen letters from companies on this issue – says Grzegorz Orłowski, attorney at Orłowski Patulski Walczak, the law firm. Unfortunately, there are more and more of these signals.

“We already have several of these cases. In one of our clients – employers, an employee during a videoconference was working in a depreciated state. A violation of the basic duties of an employee must lead to what is called discipline. And this is what happened” Dr. Marcin Wojewódka, attorney in Wojewódka i Wspólnicy, told Gazeta Wyborcza.

Labor Law – Telework Rules. Exemptions from drinking alcohol are possible

If the employee’s employer proves that he consumed alcohol while working remotely, This has the right to grant it “Discipline”. However, this can sometimes be a problem. An employer may call the police for his employee and request a sobriety test, but the employee is not required to allow officers into the home. This will be changed through an amendment to the labor law, but it is difficult at present to talk about the details.

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Meanwhile, specialists say so The problem of drinking alcohol while working remotely is dangerous. Some employees feel unpunished and are looking for a stronger, stronger alcohol.


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“Previously, if a person took a monkey from vodka to work, there was always a risk that someone in the company would notice it, and now there is no such danger, so some people do not put a monkey next to a computer, but a pint of vodka with impunity, and they are They work anyway – not hiding in an interview with Radio ZET Krzysztof Brzózka, former director of the State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems.

It is difficult to prove drinking alcohol while working remotely, but if the employee for this reason does not answer the company phone or log into the company computer, it may be considered a violation of the employee’s duties and may be a reason for dismissal.