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layout! Staffan Heimerson on Afghanistan and SVT’s ‘Wall’

Stefan Heimerson is currently best known for his success on the SVT quiz show “Muren” where he crushed opposition.

On the podcast, he tells us it’s because of his age, not in spite of it.

– I know the world, I’ve been everywhere.

Heimerson admits, however, that he hesitated before standing up.

– out of contempt for Jan Josephson (in “Alla mot Alla”) because he knew nothing, not even when Eldkvarn burned.

Currently, Heimerson wishes to be on location in Afghanistan, where he has made 20 press trips since 1979.

– So enormous. I thought: If they called and said: “Staffan, won’t you go down to Kabul, you know the city at your fingertips?”.

– I thought for a moment: “Should I do that?”

Heimerson says he then looked at the calendar and saw that he would be 86 next time.

– I’m not saying that these hard labors are over, but that’s exactly what I would draw myself for.

Instead, he praises Clarissa Ward on CNN and Magda Gad on Expressen.

Voice from the East, which won the “Great Journalist” award for its reporting on Swedish radio, believes that more reporters should be present.

Speaking of which, public service didn’t exist at all, or only for a short time.

– The best rule is: First, last home. The other thing is: solid, don’t go home as soon as you start hitting, stop and make sure you don’t get shot.


Karen Olson, Expressen’s cultural director and deputy editor-in-chief, argues in the podcast that reporters at Jill Heimerson get better language treatment than today’s reporters.

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The “Voice of the East” unexpectedly does not agree.

We read Marta Gelhorn, we read Steinbeck, we read Hemingway and we all wanted to write as they wrote — and some of us succeeded.


In “Put!” Expressen’s editor-in-chief, Magnus Alslind, tells us about 27 gasping hours when the Taliban flooded Kabul and brief messages from Magda Gad amidst the chaos.

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