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Russia’s last independent TV channel has been classified as a foreign agent

to me dzgd Now received the seal of a foreign agent from the Russian Ministry of Justice was expected. Even a standalone site Win a story Classified as a foreign agent. The site’s editor-in-chief Roman Anne also receives the character, as do many journalists in the editorial office. Moan has already been brought to justice due to a revealing report about one of Putin’s closest friends.

Posted this spring One of the largest independent news sites Meduza in the same category. All editorial staff of the student magazine Doxa are under house arrest awaiting trial. In July, the investigation website was announced insider to a foreign agent.

In other words Systematic cleansing that takes place. The reason is obvious: on September 19, Russia will hold elections to the State Duma. In practice, there is no choice – the main opposition leader Alexei Navalny is in prison and opposition candidates are not allowed to run. The Kremlin is now continuing to purge it by pulling the rug out for a number of independent media outlets.

The goal is to stop coverage of electoral fraud, something the Kremlin has systematically practiced in every election since Putin became president in 2000.

Dozhd is the only independent television channel in Russia, as well as a channel that produces quality journalism and ambitious prospecting reports. The TV channel will appeal the decision, but the chances of winning are slim.

Putin’s regime has always threatened, Harassment and shutdown of independent media. At the same time, the platform for independent media has been constantly increased by the advancement of the Internet. In recent years, independent news sites have made several major discoveries about Putin’s corrupt friends. So the Kremlin is now trying to scam journalists by forcing them to start every news article by declaring that they are foreign agents. The font must be larger than the actual text of the article for the warning to be visible.

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The best Russian press is increasingly likely to be done abroad. The editorial office of Meduza is located in Riga, and many of the best Russian drilling journalists work abroad.

The Kremlin knows that. That is why everything is now done simply to color the journalists black.