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New Japanese island formed by volcanic eruption

A new small island was formed off the coast of Japan after an underwater volcanic eruption. But the new land mass could disappear as quickly as it appeared.

The crescent-shaped island is about one kilometer in diameter, according to the Japan Coast Guard. It appeared in the Indian Ocean southeast of Japan.

Underwater volcano Fukutoku Okanoba erupted on August 13, the Japan Meteorological Agency reports. press release. On August 15, the Japanese Coast Guard flew over the area and were able to establish that the explosion was still going on.

Eruptions from the volcanic eruption sent pumice and other materials up to 60 kilometers in a northwesterly direction.

Authorities estimate that eruptions may continue, and therefore the Coast Guard has issued a warning to nearby ships.

But the question is how long the new island will be. Watchman The reports will depend on the materials of which they are composed. Ash and other fragments are unlikely to survive the waves, but ongoing volcanic activity can produce lava flows that can eventually form a hard crust.

Islands in the area have formed in a similar fashion many times before, in 1904, 1914 and 1986. But all of them have disappeared due to erosion, according to reports. record.

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Only a few islands formed by volcanic eruptions in the past 150 years have survived for more than a few months. new technology I reported two years ago about Hong Tonga, which appeared in the Pacific Kingdom of Tonga in 2015, which put grills in the heads of NASA researchers four years later. Above all, it was the sticky mud that covered the island that puzzled us.

Another famous long-surviving island is Surtsey, which was formed off the southern coast of Iceland in a volcanic eruption that lasted between 1963 and 1967.