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Leader: The fight for climate is better off without Greta

The German part of the organization Fridays for Future Break with Greta Thunberg. The Germans state the reason: “As a movement, we stand clearly against all forms of anti-Semitism. We do not make any concessions.”

Fridays for Future, or FFF, came after Thunberg began her school strike for climate. It soon followed, and FFF became a global movement.

For several years, Thunberg traveled the world as the organization’s figurehead. She was an icon of the FFF and had a huge impact on the success and image. Greta Thunberg and the FFF were one unit.

Now that’s over. FFF Germany stands against anti-Semitism and declares that it is important that Thunberg does not represent them. “We defend ourselves,” they write on X, formerly Twitter.

Ricarda Lange, leader of Germany’s Green Party, believes Thunberg has “disqualified herself as the face of the climate movement.” “Greta Thunberg has abused necessary and valid climate concern in order to take a one-sided stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where she does not name the perpetrators, and where she does not condemn the atrocities committed by Hamas,” Lang continues.

To an outsider, it’s not entirely easy to understand why Thunberg and the people around her did this. It all started when she appeared on social media holding a sign in support of Gaza.

In the photo there was also a soft toy in the shape of an octopus. In this context, it cannot be ignored that the octopus is often used as a symbol of the anti-Semitic idea of ​​the Jewish world conspiracy.

After widespread criticism, Thunberg removed the photo and posted a new photo without the octopus. She excused herself by saying that stuffed animals are used by autistic people to express their feelings. Although she does not usually appear with stuffed animals and despite the fact that her FFF program for a long time bordered on anti-Semitism, many still allow themselves a charitable interpretation and excuse Thunberg.

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However, Thunberg continued to walk the line. After she used a climate demonstration in the Netherlands to wear the Palestinian shawl to declare that the climate battle is a battle against Israel, as she mentioned, the German part broke away from it.

It was so bad that a man in the audience came up to the stage and took the microphone as Thunberg spoke and explained that he was there for a climate meeting – not a political opinion. Thunberg did not like it when she herself was subjected to civil disobedience, so she took back the microphone and gave it to a known Jew-hater and supporter of terrorism instead.

Given this, the octopus couldn’t have been a mere coincidence. Trying to justify excessive trampling by disease is the Viking disease of anti-Semitism.

Sometimes it would disappear when it was just school strikes. It became difficult when Thunberg started being convicted of crimes. And when she now abandons the climate in favor of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and allows Jew haters to speak on her behalf, it becomes painfully embarrassing. Greta Thunberg is destroying Sweden’s image. Climate action would be better off continuing without them.