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Leading coalition wins big in Japan

Leading coalition wins big in Japan

Japanese media reported that the now-ruling coalition, consisting of Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, the conservative party and the Buddhist Komeito, would get more than 75 of the 125-seat Senate.

Thus, the two parties will be able to change the country’s pacifist constitution and strengthen its military position in the world arena, which was one of the main political goals of Shinzo Abe.

Managed while giving speeches

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the economic crisis in the background, the election campaign’s focus has been on how to tackle rising household costs and the issue of defending the country, according to the Japan Times.

The vote to elect the Senate took place two days after Abe was shot dead in the middle of his campaign speech.

Despite the shock to the country and inevitably holding elections in the shadow of the assassination, incumbent Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and other politicians emphasized the importance of the ongoing democratic process.

– I think it is important to be able to hold elections, says the current Prime Minister Kishida, for the Japanese public service company NHK.

low turnout

Kenta Izumi, leader of the opposition Democratic Party, admits defeat. In an interview with Kyodo News, he said it was clear that “the voters did not want to change from the LDP and give us confidence to form a government.”

Despite the assassination, turnout was low, with only 52 percent of eligible Japanese going to the polls.

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