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Rishi Sunak wants to be British Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak wants to be British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, Thursday, his resignation after strong criticism from his party. This is after he left about 60 ministers and MPs from their posts in protest against Johnson’s leadership and his scandals.

Prominent Finance Minister Rishi Sunak was one of the first to choose to resign in protest, and was also a contributing factor to the mass schisms and Johnson’s downfall.

In a video posted on Twitter, Rishi Sunak now launches his crackdown on party leadership and declares that he is more than ready to take over as party leader and prime minister.

– Someone has to deal with this situation and make the right decision, he says in the video.

Patriotism, justice and hard work

In the video he talks about his immigrant background and heritage, as well as the opportunities Britain has given his family. He says he promises to give the next generation the same opportunities.

I want to lead this country in the right direction. I faced the toughest task during the toughest time with Covid-19 and my non-negotiable values ​​- patriotism, justice and hard work, he says in the video.

Boris Johnson will continue as Prime Minister until a new candidate is appointed. Among others, other potential candidates are being traded, such as Secretary of State Liz Truss and Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace. But the latter announced on Saturday that he would not take part in the party leader’s fight.

“After careful consideration and discussion with colleagues and family, I have decided not to enter the competition to lead the Conservative Party.” , writes on Twitter.

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He has already received support from his party colleagues

A timetable for how and when a new successor will be appointed will be announced next week, according to BBC. The goal is to have a new party leader and prime minister in office in September.

Shortly after Rishi Sunak posted his nomination video, announce More heavy labels supported his candidacy. Others include the leader of the British House of Commons, Mark Spencer, Conservative member Oliver Dowden, and former Conservative Party chairman Liam Fox.

Boris Johnson’s resignation comes after a series of scandals, not least the so-called Partetgate, where he was accused of partying in a government office, which is also his home, during the pandemic when Britain was under strict lockdown.

Recently, Boris Johnson offered conservative politician Chris Pincher a top job in government despite allegations of sexual harassment. Chris Pincher was forced to resign and it was later discovered that the Prime Minister had been fully aware for several years of Chris Pincher’s behavior and earlier allegations of sexual harassment.