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League of Nations Volleyball: The 10th victory for the Poles!

Polish volleyball players beat the Germans 3-0 (25:22, 25:19, 25:20) in the 12th round match of the Nations League in Rimini. The white and red team, which finished second in the table, took their 10th victory. Until the end of the main stage, they had three matches in the fifth series.

The Poles won all three games of the penultimate fourth series of the main stage 3-0. For the hundred and a half of Thursday’s confrontation, it seemed that the Germans were going to set them more difficult conditions than the Canadians and the Japanese, but in the second part of the meeting, Andrea Gianni’s accusations did not have much to say.

Coach Vital Heinen, who has been in rotation so far, sent the exact same start “six” to the match as in Tuesday’s duel with the Canadians. The Belgian, who captained the German national team in 2012-2016, focused on the theoretically stronger list – z Wilfredo Leon and Michai Kubic in the party, Bartosz Couric in attack, Fabian Drizga in the match, Peter Novakowski and Jakub Kochanowski in the middle, and Libro Bawi Zatorski. The opposing team lacked Lukas Kampa, who for many years had been playing for PlusLiga clubs.

The world champions were slowly entering the match. In the first match they jumped their opponents several times for several points (10:7, 13:9), but they squandered this advantage. During one of the moves, Nowakowski was hit in the face with the ball. I need some time to recover. His teammates lost such bad luck, but they also had problems finding themselves on the field at times. In the end, bugs took over both sides of the network, especially in the service area. It was a mistake the Germans ended this episode.

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At the start of the next game, White and Red were still having problems accepting the service. Over time, they began to wake up, although they were still far from flawless. Nowakowski began to shine on the block, and other Heynen players scored points this way.. Candidates from 14:14 onwards methodically increased their progress. Gianni asked for breaks, but was unable to keep his rivals off the beaten path. They eventually harassed the volleyball players with difficult services. Drzyzga and Kubiak showed their best in this element. This party was also stamped with a German mistake.

The Poles felt more confident, which led to a somewhat one-sided trajectory than the third group. In the end, I got a little worried when Leon, who was jumping into the building, fell on the dance floor. However, he immediately rose up and the fans of the Polish team could breathe a sigh of relief. Drzyzga ended the meeting with an effective “kiwka”.

Given the fairly quiet trajectory of the match, Heynen didn’t make many changes. ukasz Kaczmarek appeared at each end for a moment only to lift the block.

Cork scored the most points on Thursday – 14. Lyon and Kubic also had a double-digit result – 12 and 11. Respectively, Christian Froome was the captain of the German team, and the former volleyball player from Jastrzębski Wgiel scored 11 points.

For several days, the Polish team did not have the second Liberian Damian Wojciech, who returned to the country to see his newborn son. His colleagues will meet the Argentines on Monday, then the Iranians and the French.

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This year, LN – due to the Covid-19 pandemic – is in the form of a monthly tournament. Four leading teams will advance to the knockout stage (26-27 June).

Poland – Germany 3: 0 (25:22, 25:19, 25:20).

Germany: Jan Zimmermann, Simon Hirsch, David Susenheimer, Christian Froome, Markus Boehme, Noah Baxbuehler, Julian Zenger (Libero) Oraz Moritz Reichert, Lucas Massey, Eric Burgra.

Poland: Fabian Drezza, Pyotr Nowakovsky, Jacob Kochanowski, Wilfredo Leon, Michai Kubiak, Bartosz Couric, Bawi Zatorsky (Libero) – ukasz Kaczmarek.