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LeBron interacts with an old injury and worries the fans with his statement!

(DR) / screenshot: NBA League Pass

In the Lakers’ narrow win over the Grizzlies, LeBron James was injured again. Bad news for the franchise, as it is an old problem that has resurfaced. It’s not good, especially after three small matches.

It took three games, but the Lakers reclaimed their first win of the season on Sunday night. 121-118 is the score in Frank Vogel’s men’s favour, with a savior named Carmelo Anthony. Everything is not perfect for this team, but there were better. Such is the case with Russell Westbrook, even if the base has to quickly increase his level of play (Summary here).

LeBron on the ground after another injury

However, fans are very worried and with good reason, LeBron James He injured himself during the second quarter. He was able to finish the match, to the point of playing for 40 minutes, but the pain would undoubtedly reach relief, once the muscle cooled off. That being the case, we understand better by reviewing the photos.

The King remained on Earth for a few moments, before returning to Earth. As you can see, it was the right ankle that got hit. A moment of déjà vu because it’s the same injury from last year, which reduced LeBron dramatically at the end of the season. At a press conference, the latter confirmed all this, which is very worrying.

LeBron James said his right ankle, which contracted last year, got worse tonight, and that he’s in some pain now.

Crossing over to the compulsory dispensary in LeBron, it remains to be seen whether he will miss the meetings. This is not impossible, as health is prioritized among the Lakers. We will know more in the coming days.

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