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Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Jacek Zieliński: Pekhart will not stay in Legia

Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Jacek Zieliński: Pekhart will not stay in Legia

– I do not hide that Pedro Thebes was with us for talks, but in the end we decided not to sign the contract – I will not say which side, because it would be a mistake. The Portuguese will not be here. Did Legia want to give 1+1 and the player wanted a two-year contract? This is far from the truth, but not by much.

– Will Pekhart remain in the Legion? no. He got an offer, I talked to him several times, I told him how it all looks, he understood it (…). Thomas is a valuable player, very good, but is he like him two years ago? Well, he’s two years older than him, so another contract has to be offered on better terms than before, if we want it so much. And he had a star contract with us. He had a very good first season, and the second turned out to be weaker, not knowing what the upcoming matches will be. I was hoping he would shine again with Coach Runjaić, the new team, but I couldn’t offer him better or even the same terms he had, the stars, so I offered a lesser contract. He said that at the moment he received an offer that was more attractive than our stellar contract, and he was waiting for a better one. We have to be honest – I told him I didn’t think we’d be able to come to an agreement on this. But remember, Thomas, it’s always open – if you don’t want to go east, but just play with us, the gate is still open. However, I do not think that – given the proposals received – he would agree. Would I be surprised if he stayed in the Premier League? no. He is an attractive striker for clubs from the Polish league.

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Josue’s got a very good run, he’s on a star contract valid for another year. I think a very large number of players have star contracts (…) The Portuguese’s contract with Legia is valid until the end of the 2022/23 games, and you have to come up with a proposal – and what, you will offer him terms like Pekhart, i.e. similar or slightly lower than before ? It is known that he will not accept such an offer, so it will be necessary to offer higher terms, a longer contract, but taking into account the age, you do not know whether you will block a large amount of money in one player, which at the moment may not be in the form in which He had to. Josue came to us when Legia won the Polish championship. Let’s note it. We rate Spring and let’s rate the entire season that we finished in 10th place. Who knows what it will be like in the upcoming competitions. It should be noted how many clubs changed this player – after some time he began to get tired in one place and would not give what is at his best disposal.