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Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Dariusz Mioduski: Legia’s strength will grow

Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Dariusz Mioduski: Legia’s strength will grow

Maciej Ziółkowski


11-05-2022 / 22:30

(Write 11-05-2022 / 22:36)

– Is the biggest storm behind us? I think so. Coach Vukovic did a very good job in a difficult situation. We are all very grateful to him for that. In an interview with, Dariusz Miodowsky, president and owner of Legia Warszawa, said a lot of changes in the club – and in terms of sports and non-sports, in fact, there will be new people in each key position.

– Jacek Zieliński (Sports Director – Editor) really gives advice and gives me relief because I can focus more on other things, leaving him this plot. She builds it step by step, but it will not be easy, because the season without cups will be very difficult for us. We are so sorry we won’t be there. It would be strange to watch what is happening on TV.

From my perspective and from the point of view of those people who are at the club today and will be managing these key parts, this is the season when we will be able to build the foundations for the years to come. And Legia – starting next year – will only get stronger. I am very convinced of this.

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