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Lenovo, Dell, HP and Asus: These devices get Windows 11

As is known, Microsoft will throw the key on October 5, 2021 and begin distributing the free Windows 11 update. But not all Windows 10 users will get Windows 11: due to the high system requirements, the new OS works only on relatively new hardware. PCs that are a few years old are already left behind, including expensive Microsoft Surface devices, and should still be running Windows 10. With Microsoft only supporting the previous version of Windows 11 until October 2025 and providing it with important updates, its days are numbered. No wonder many PC users are unstable and waves in relevant discussion forums are exploding. This is probably one of the reasons why the major PC manufacturers have now published their lists of devices that are authorized to download Windows 11 updates. COMPUTER BILD will detect if your device is there.

Compatible models from Lenovo, Dell, HP and Asus

The biggest obstacle to Windows 11 is the CPU. Officially, for security and reliability reasons, Windows 11 accepts only 8th generation Intel processors, AMD’s Zen 2 line and Qualcomm 7 series adds three 7th generation Intel series (Core X, Xeon W and some devices with Intel’s 7820HQ chip), but The bottom line is that it still excludes PCs running Windows 11 that are more than three years old. Microsoft has “qualified” processors – i.e. appropriate – on separate lists for chips from Intel CorporationAnd AMD And Qualcomm employment.

Of course, if you don’t know exactly which processor is in the device, you can’t do much with it. For this reason, the major PC manufacturers have now published their lists of compatible models. You can find the listings here:

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Windows Update shows availability

You will soon find out if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 in Windows Update. Windows 10 users who are enrolled in the “Release Previews” channel of the Windows Insider Program can already see information about Windows 11 compatibility for their PC. So it can’t be long before all other users are “informed”. Tip: If Windows 10 refuses to update for compatibility reasons, be sure to check your computer again with the program computer health check (“PC Integrity Check”) from Microsoft or better using an open source tool Why don’t you win 11 by Robert Mehl.

Download PC Health Check