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Leszek Miętek prezydentem ZZM na nową kadencję

Leszyk Mitic becomes president of ZZM for a new term

Delegates of the Railroad Mechanic Union elected the organization’s authorities to a new term. Leszyk Mitek remained president.

The National Congress of Delegates of the Trade Union of Railway Engineers of Poland (ZZM), held from 9 to 10 June in Spice, elected the authorities of the organization for a new term, the ninth in the following persons:

  • Leszyk Mitek – President of ZZM,
  • Sławomir Centkowski – Vice President of ZZM,
  • Krzysztof Ciećka – Vice President of ZZM,
  • Tomasz Pietrek – Vice President of ZZM.

As we read in the statement, among the overall objectives of the organization’s activities in the ninth state, the National Conference of Delegates identified, among others:
– protecting jobs and decent wages, especially in the context of a possible economic crisis,
– improving the safety of railway traffic,
– Disposition of the driver’s working hours.
– Not amortizing bridging pensions.

The management of ZZM also met the invited guests. They came to Spica, among others, from Minister of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure Andrzej Bittel, President of PKP SA Krzysztof Mamiński and heads of the following companies: PKP Intercity – Marek Charciek, Polregio – Artur Martyniuk, PKP Fast Urban Railways in Tri-City – Maciej Lignoski, Łódź Agglomeration Railways – Janusz Malinowski, Kolegi Wilkopolsky – Marek Netkowski, PKP Cargo Service – Robert Szydlik, Board Member of PKP Cargo Marek Olkiewicz and President of OPZZ Andrzej Radzikowski – informs ZZM.

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