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LG Display introduces its transparent screens

LG Display introduces its transparent screens

Shop smarter

LG Display says its Shopping Management Showroom is for “luxury” stores, where it is possible to display products such as watches or jewelry safely on the shelves, as well as a futuristic touch that will allow the product to be displayed more securely.

LG Display also showcased Window Display, another retailer-focused model that consists of four 55-inch transparent OLED screens that can be used to reproduce products in shop windows; Instead of window stickers, stores can add digital text, which can be easily changed at any time, something that businesses can temporarily appeal to.

The company told the tech outlet that the versions are already on display at the new Musinsa fashion store in Seoul, as well as at art galleries at The Smithsonian and 180 The Strand in London, inside some subway car windows in China and Japan, and at a Bulgari fashion show.

The company also showed off the Smart Window, another transparent OLED screen that can be used for video calls or presentations in the office, but it didn’t provide any image of that screen.

LG Display unveiled its first flexible and transparent screen in 2014, and recently, it showcased a transparent TV screen installed at the foot of the bed.

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