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Liberals want to ban free religious schools entirely

The message from the Liberals means that the party is going a step further than the government intends to do, which is icoot Be the first to report.

The government and Education Minister Lena Axelson Kielblom (S) want to see a moratorium on new independent religious schools from 2024 and that already existing schools should not be able to expand their activities, however, it is unclear whether this law will be passed before the election. The autumn.

The Liberals want free religious schools to be banned entirely during their next term in office, and for existing schools to be banned for their permits.

– We largely agree with the party council on this matter. We see big problems, not the least of which is that Säpo cited a large number of problems with certain schools in Gothenburg and Malmö that are run in a very unsustainable way, says Johann Persson.

“Message to Voters”

The proposal is part of the party line to tighten regulations for independent schools in Sweden, and more proposals are expected in the future according to the L leader. However, it should continue to be allowed with schools belonging to minorities, within the framework of national minorities, for example schools Finnish or Jewish character.

– I hope that the parliamentary majority will have a good chance of doing so. This is a message to voters to focus on the school, we want to put an end to both new and existing independent religious schools.

Is school the most important electoral issue for liberals?

– We have many important issues, we talk about integration and climate as well, but if I had to pick one topic, it would be school. People’s future begins at school, and the future of all of Sweden is decided if we are talented and well educated in Sweden, says Johan Persson.

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Education Minister Lena Axelson Kellblum told SVT Nyheter that the government welcomes the L swing on the issue of independent religious schools:

We welcome the fact that the Liberals recognize a rather obvious problem, my question is how they intend to overcome it in the right-wing conservative bloc. The Social Democrats have always fought for the complete cessation of communal, independent schools. We are now preparing a moratorium on incorporation, a first step in that direction, says Axelson Kilblum.