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The public service follows the right turn and screams at the turns

I think most of us skeptics of NATO and/or opponents of NATO have seen the recent surrender of the United States, Western powers and their nuclear arsenal, and massive media support for Swedish membership, as something of a paradigm shift that no one expected. .

However, most of us have been fantasizing and hoping for a long, intense, and exploratory, transparent discussion about NATO before we decide? Perhaps most of us have certainly imagined holding a referendum as well, at least deciding a parliamentary election between them? It is undeniable that it looks like the biggest political blow since Palm and the Social Democrats completely dodge the nuclear power vote. Mostly imagine two ballot papers, yes and no. I created a third sausage: OK.

Like I said, we have a referendum on nuclear power, alcohol bans, ATP, right-wing traffic, EU membership and the euro.

biggest politician The shift in modern Swedish history, NATO membership, does not even become an electoral issue. The sausage had an “inside” discussion. Then that thing was steak.

On Sunday, Rapport made it clear how the public service is now also behaving with hawks and NATO friends without a blink. or think. When News and Rapport adopt the premise of “Now we always think like the majority of Swedes” and “We’re the majority in our coverage”, they leave behind their mission of neutrality and independence.

Thus the survey says nothing about our position on the actual issue, yet Rapport does not hesitate to say that there is growing support for NATO membership

Perhaps one could have asked any questions at all before the new Novus NATO poll, which this time was not about the position of the Swedish people on this issue, but about how many Swedes believe (!!) that we will join NATO.

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Harmony was flailing and chattering, but she didn’t seem to have evidence of the laces they were walking in now.

I am against to NATO, but unfortunately I also think we will become members, and the numbers showed that the number of those who believe in future Swedish membership has gone down, from 89 percent to 81 percent.

On the Rapport broadcast, the headline in the box was “NATO Membership: Continuing High Support”. Although the question did not even apply. “A large majority of Swedes are convinced that we will become members sooner or later, a new survey of Novus appears,” studio reporter Fredrik Skelemar exclaimed loudly, then continued, in much smaller letters and conviction: “But compared to the previous survey now a little less who think they will be allowed them to enter.” Nearly 10 percent less, Skillemar & co in Rapport, but where did that title go? “NATO Membership: Reduced Subsidy”?

Hence the survey says nothing of our position on the actual issue, yet Rapport does not hesitate to say that there is growing support for NATO membership. This is what getting used to should look like. Nice with a responsive and politically flexible public service, allied with the political establishment.

public service opponents It still continues despite SVT’s right-handed turn gap and the desperate scream about the left-hand turn on SVT and SR, on their agenda always at the top: Scrap Sveriges Television.

The left turn on the SVT was probably detectable for some time during the early ’70s (50 years ago!), remnants were probably there around the ’80s, but since then the GS has undoubtedly followed the correct equipment of the other media so I screamed in turns. The Swedish right-wing and right-wing media, as long as I was alive, has been under bourgeois control, following bourgeois values ​​and bourgeois politics. It was civilly owned by 80-90 percent.

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The right turn in the Swedish media is a contemporary reality, and soon the Swedish public service will fully establish itself in this society. Anyone surprised?

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