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Liverpool star receives criticism from a record coach

Liverpool star receives criticism from a record coach

  • Tobias Crencher
    06/23/2022 – 06:25 AM
    Reading time: 2 minutes
    Coil: Coop / Egypt Independent

Mohamed Salah (30 years old) is considered the best football player in the history of Egypt. According to Egypt coach icon Hassan Shehata, the Liverpool star still has plenty of room for improvement in the national jersey.

Hassan Shehata is one of Egypt’s most successful coaches. The 73-year-old led North Africa to three African Nations Cups (2006, 2008 and 2010). Although Egypt had one of the best strikers in the world Mohamed Salah years ago, the record cup champion (7 titles) returned to his country six times in a row from the African Cup of Nations without a title.

Salah and Co. lost the final of the 2022 edition against Senegal. Hassan Shehata is now criticizing the Liverpool star. “He should have done a lot better,” the former coach said aloud. “He should have done more when he plays for his country.” Cadena Cup To Egypt Independent.

The bottom line is that Salah didn’t do anything for the Egyptian national team, “even if I’m sorry to say it,” adds Shehata, who also takes responsibility for his teammates and national coaches: “The coaches have to find a way to make room for Salah. We need to find players who help him excel. on the field.”

From a purely statistical point of view, Salah can only be blamed for serving his motherland. The right wing has 45 goals in 83 international matches. This means that the star has a better share for the national team compared to the shirt of Chelsea, Florence, Basel and Roma. Only Liverpool have scored more times (156 goals in 254 games).

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Hassan Shehata and the African Cup of Nations

Apart from a two-year stint in Kuwait, Hassan Shehata only played for Egyptian club Zamalek. As a coach he worked for more than ten teams. From 2004 to 2011 he was the national coach of his country. With three titles, he is the most successful coach in Africa Cup of Nations history.