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Loewe We Series TVs.  I see

Loewe We Series TVs. I see

TVs we. by Loewe – Design

The new Loewe TVs feature a 360° design. Simply put, it looks good on all sides. The 50-inch and 55-inch models feature matte bezels and a black top of the back of the case (the lower part of the back panel, like the base and speaker housing, is available in one of three colors, depending on the specific version). The back of the smallest We. See – with 32-inch and 43-inch screens – in full color. What is worth emphasizing, Televisions by Lowe They received the iF Gold Award 2021.

The design of the TVs allows for the use of optional floor mounts and brackets in place of the color stand included in the kit, as well as those offered by Loewe for other TVs from this manufacturer. Cables connected to TVs can be hidden under a specially designed back cover.

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TVs we. By Loewe – LED backlight and HDR modes

Loewe We Televisions. I see They are LCD TVs with LED backlights. It has a brightness of 550 nits. They support a variety of HDR modes – HDR10, HLG, WCG and Dolby Vision. The exception in this regard is the 32-inch model, which does not support HDR from Dolby Laboratories and supports a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels).

TVs we. By Loewe – Audio & Communication

We are televisions. by Lowe They are equipped with amplifier-driven electroacoustic transducers with a total power of 80 watts (in the 50 and 55-inch models) or 60 watts (in the 32- and 43-inch models).

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It is a front-facing speaker with an audio reversal cover and supports audio systems such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD.

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TV we.  by Lowe

we. SEE is equipped with 4 HDMI 2.0b connectors (the 32-inch model has 3 such connectors). Each TV has a single HDMI connector with eARC, an enhanced audio return channel.

Moreover, the models we. by Lowe It has two built-in USB 3.0 connectors that support flash drives. An external medium connected to USB can be used for recording (thanks to the Timeshift function).

Audio can also be streamed, for example from a smartphone or tablet directly to the TV via Bluetooth. built in Televisions by Lowe The unit is bi-directional, which means you can also send audio to wireless headphones.

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TV we.  By Loewe - Back Panel

TVs we. by Loewe – Service

New TV models under the brand we. by Lowe You can easily operate with the remote control. The remote control is equipped with a set of buttons that facilitate direct access to online services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Rakuten TV as well as YouTube and Deezer. The manufacturer also provides the ability to control via a mobile application.

Also of note is the Loewe os7 operating system and a clear and intuitive start screen that displays all the most important content.

TVs we. by Loewe – Availability

Loewe We Televisions. I see Available on the website and in the national network of the best Hi-Fi and video design stores.

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