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Long weekend in Zakopane and Masuria. Prices per night are slightly higher

2021-06-02 13:12

2021-06-02 13:12

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Hotels, guesthouses and lodgings under the Tatras are fully booked for the extended June weekend associated with the Corpus Christi holiday. You can still rent accommodation, but outside Zakopane. Their prices increased slightly.

As Carol Wagner of the Tatra Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors told PAP, “The classified accommodation facilities in the city near Giewont have been filled to the limit, up to 50 percent occupancy, according to the regulation.” He added that unclassified things are also being filled in completely.

“There is only one algorithm – the further away from the center of Zakopane, the higher the chances of finding vacancies. The weather promises to be good, so if someone decides to come to the Tatras today, he will find a place, but far from the center and outside Zakopane “- said Wagner.

Prices for accommodation facilities in the Tatras for the upcoming weekend have slightly increased. In Zakopane hotels, prices for a double room start from PLN 300, and in popular private accommodations near Zakopane, rooms can be found from PLN 50 per person. Prices for utilities at the highest level reached 700-800 PLN for a double room.

According to the Cabinet Decree, there is a limit for guests in hotels – a maximum of 50%. Rooms are occupied.

There are no vacancies in Masuria

In many hotels in Masuria, there are no vacancies for the upcoming long weekend. The most popular among tourists who want to rest in Masuria are huts, and fewer people choose to stay in hotels.

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In Mikołajki, Juchiko or Rin, it’s hard to find a free hotel place for the next long weekend, finding a free vacation home is almost a miracle. However, in less frequented places, such as Pisz or Ruciane-Nida, you can still find a hotel room or even a vacation home. You can still find accommodations in smaller towns in Masuria, especially those outside the Great Lakes Trail.

“You can feel the atmosphere of waiting. First of all, people ask for houses, and only then choose hotels. At the end of this week we have a full occupancy according to the epidemiological guidelines, that is, half of the places are occupied” – said the head of the PAP company that operates the hotel chain in Warmia and Mazury Tomas Dujiao.

He added that many people are still reluctant to book vacation dates. “People don’t know what it will be like when they go abroad, we don’t know how many people we will be able to accept. The mood of anticipation continues, but we hope to slowly get back to work at full speed” – said Dowgiałło.

Many people who planned the next long weekend in Masuria won’t use the accommodation facilities, but will stay overnight on yachts and barges.

Those who will rest in hotels and wish to take a short cruise on the lakes can easily take advantage of the offers of the White Fleet.

Seasonal restaurants and eateries are open for a long weekend in Masuria. Many of them will be running from this weekend continuously throughout the summer.

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According to the Cabinet Decree, there is a limit for guests in hotels – a maximum of 50%. Rooms are occupied. (PAP)

Author: Joanna Kiewisz-Wojciechowska

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