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Lukashenko Bratasevich is forced to lie

– Hello, my name is Raman Pratasevic and I was arrested yesterday by the police at the Ministry of Interior. I have no health problems, not even my heart. The police acted properly and legally to the maximum. I am still cooperating with the preliminary investigation and admit that I participated in organizing mass riots in Minsk, says journalist Raman Pratasevich. In a video He also posted the pro-regime website Zjeltye Slivy on Telegram.

The last time we saw a similar video was last fall, when opposition leader Svyatlana Tsychanowskaga Announce suddenly She is giving up the struggle for the presidency with vague motives such as being a “weak woman”. Then Tsichanouskaja left the country. It was clear that she agreed to record the video after the pressure.

The video with PratasevicWhere he admits to a crime that could lead to imprisonment of up to fifteen years, he is exactly the same. Pratasevic is making bizarre statements that are not at all in line with his past actions as an opposition activist and journalist. Describing the actions of the Belarusian authorities as legal – after Lukashenko used a fighter jet to shoot down Ryanair’s passenger plane – is a baroque order. Evidently, Pratasevi was forced to tell this lie.

It’s easy to understand why. As a Belarusian analyst Mentions Alexander Klaskowski It is the Belarusian security service that is the KGB expert in getting people to say whatever they want. It would not be surprising if Pratasevic announced in the next video that the European Union and the United States were behind the demonstrations.

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The 26-year-old journalist is forced to make these statements, all of which are about demoralizing the Belarusian people and stifling fresh protests in their infancy.