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Lunar eclipse. Sunday 15 May. Total! High in the sky and at a very good time.

The most important factor to consider is clouds (

Some astrological backgrounds:

The Sol Groups (sunset): 17:50. (in the constellation the Bull).

  • Moon Rising (ortho): 17:36. (in the constellation Balance).
  • full moon: 22:14.
  • Maximum altitude (above the horizon): 60°. It’s 11:33 PM
  • Moonset (sunset): 04:41
    (Mon 16).

stage Penombral Eclipse begins in 19:32 and ends at 00:50 Monday.
I’m telling you I’ve never been able to distinguish this stage from Full House, but…you probably have. Try photography.

  • beginning partial stage (first contact with Umbra): 20:27.
  • beginning the whole stage (second contact with shadow): 21:29 (The Moon is completely inside the Earth’s shadow.)
  • Maximum: 22:11. (The center of the Moon is closest to the center of the Earth’s shadow).
  • the end of the whole stage (third contact with shadow): 22:54.
    (All duration: 85 minutes).
  • the end of partial stage (Fourth contact with the shadow): 23:55.
    (Duration of the two partial phases: 122 minutes).

  • Do you want to watch cartoons of Costa Rica?
  • Visible eclipse in San Jose, Costa Rica (

Well, nothing more; get ready.
I hope you have a clear sky. Good luck and God bless you.
Take pictures, write your comments. If you think so, submit it and we can post it here.

Jose Alberto Villalobos Morales, Physics and Astronomy Consultant.

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