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Ma³ysz family at the wedding.  Issa went crazy with the colors, and Adam put on a wire.  And daughter?  Very humble

Ma³ysz family at the wedding. Issa went crazy with the colors, and Adam put on a wire. And daughter? Very humble

Isabella Massis has been married to Adam Massis since 1997. As the years go by one can get the impression that they are not affected by crises. From time to time, generic photos will appear on his Instagram. The latest comes from a wedding – is it possible their daughter Carolina said the sacred rite of “yes”?

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Adam Massis on vacation

Iza Małysz posing in the dining room. “A woman with almost an ermine”

Elegant Isabella and Adam Maysovi in ​​wedding joy

Adam Massis, along with his girlfriend Isa Massis, never pushed themselves in front of the headlights. As the years fly by, they are still a harmonious couple. The jumper’s wife has been active on Instagram for some time and usually has the opportunity to see them together. They went to the wedding over the weekend and of course Esau had a joint shot.

Wedding party Hey! – We read under the photo.

Isabella and Adam MacisIsabella and Adam Macis

Isa decided on a long, multi-colored outfit – the zebra motif dominates the top, while the bottom of the dress is slightly more colorful. Adam, on the other hand, was wearing navy blue trousers and a checked jacket.

Assam Massis and Carolina MassisCarolina Massis’ fianc மனைவிe showed a love scene. Iza Małysz Comments

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It would be a miracle if the couple went to their daughter Carolina’s wedding. In an interview, Adam mentioned that he had been in a relationship with Kamil Sis for seven years and that it was finally an engagement. Did they decide to seal the engagement this weekend? It turns out that it is not. Yes, they attended the ceremony, but publications on social media show that they are only guests. Although Carolina’s stylization could suggest it – she wore a cream outfit with a white helmet.

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Carolina Massis with a partnerCarolina Massis with a partner