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Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul.  Fight of the Year in Memes!  Did YouTube make fun of you?

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul. Fight of the Year in Memes! Did YouTube make fun of you?

Author: Chandan Khanna / AFP / Eastern News

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Who will win the Logan Ball fight? Racing experts have no doubt that betting on YouTube is very risky. His brother Jack Paul believes in his success. But this is where the list of believers ends … Looking at the comments on the internet, we can get the impression that many internet users consider the Logan Ball fight with the world boxing champion to be pure madness. There are already a lot of memes and jokes about this.

Will the end of the Mayweather-Ball fight surprise fans? Comparing the achievements of the two in the ring, one would not think that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would beat a YouTuber, but how long would it take?) The professional boxer is a multi-world champion – he has belts in his collection of WBC, WBA and WBO. Logan Paul has had a tough fight so far … he lost it.

YouTube has many physical benefits – It is younger, taller, heavier and has a higher attack range. But is that enough?

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Ball: Will The Fight End By Knock Out? Changed …

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fights in the eyes of fans

On the day Mayweather Ball fights on, we browse the internet and check out what boxing fans and YouTube fans are writing about this event. Is Logan Paul likely to win?

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In a real fight, Mayweather will destroy Logan Milk. You are not starting boxing, you are the best boxer after a few years. This is pure Holyox boxing. A theatrical event for absorbers

– One of the internet users writes on Twitter.

Sounds reasonable and logical, doesn’t it? This can be presented more clearly … Could this be a fight to try to beat Logan Paul Mayweather? 🙂

For Floyd Mayweather, would fighting Paul be another easy income?

Will the # Mayweatherball fight end in a quick knockout?

For older boxing fans, Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Logan Paul is still a big summary.

This is my attempt to explain to my 50 year old father that Floyd Mayweather is fighting with a 26 year old YouTuber

– Writes by one of the Twitter users.

Another visualization of Mayweather’s fight with Logan Paul …

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