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Emilia Krakowska will be happy to return to "Na Dobre I Na See".  He has a condition that is hard to meet

Emilia Krakowska will be happy to return to “Na Dobre I Na See”. He has a condition that is hard to meet

Emilia Krakowska went with the main characters for many years Series The Bursky family is the housekeeper and the good spirit of “good or bad”. The actress agrees that she wants to return to the set of the series, but her decision depends on one more person. This is about the Morsata Formniak.

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Emilia Krakowska. Who played him in the series “Na Dobre I Na Kettatu”?

Emilia Krakowska is one of the actresses who enjoys the constant sympathy of the audience. He had the greatest fame playing Movies, For example, in an adaptation of Vadisva Raymond’s novel “Siobi”. However, he is not shy away from participating in the series. We saw her in “First Love” or “Heli in Trouble”, and more recently in “Mouth to Mouth”. He played a housekeeper in the popular TV series “Na Dobre I Na Kettatu”. Lena Cora admitted in an interview to actress “Fact” that she wants to work on the set in the film, and her heroine soon won the hearts of the audience.

This is a great time to work on this show. My heroine showed that the maid is not bad and that she can even be considered an equal member of the family. He encouraged the elderly to give up loneliness when they fell in love with the elderly and married – says Emilia Krakowska.

Gabriela Krugovska, the housekeeper played by Emilia Krakowska, is very closely associated with Dr. Socia Stankievich-Burska – in this role we saw Magorzata Formniak. Her presence is on the set of conditions under which Emilia Krakowska will consider returning to Lena Cora:

This will be an interesting challenge. Apart from that, I also have to retrieve Kosia Formniak, with whom I was very attached, in order to understand my presence in this series. Does it work? She will have to agree to play a grandmother there because her daughter, who was young at the beginning of the series, is already a mother growing up. Is Grandma ready to play at her age? – Wonders Krakowska.

Lena left Cora after spending more than 10 years on the set of the Magorzata Formniak because her character was adequate. Can you agree to come back now?

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Let me remind you that the “Na Dobre I Na Bad” series has been breaking popular records for many years. It hasn’t come to the screen in over two decades. The series includes Arthur Emijevsky, Magorzata Formniak, Krzysztof Pygyszczyk, Eva Skibiaska, Pyotr Adamsk, Maja Ostasveska, Jolanda Froszczyk, Torata Sekofa, Toria Tsopka, Toria Tsopka.

From June 7, you can see the fate of Lena Cora’s doctors from the first episode of the TV series.

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Emilia Krakowska Want to return to Lena Cora? How can you convince Magorzatta Formenia to star in this series?