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Jalipi.  The painted village near Torno is even more beautiful!  Updated paintings and new decorations were determined in the "Painted Cottage" competition [ZDJĘCIA]

Jalipi. The painted village near Torno is even more beautiful! Updated paintings and new decorations were determined in the “Painted Cottage” competition [ZDJĘCIA]

Last weekend (June 4-6) the final of the 58th edition of the “Painted Cottage” competition took place in Jalibi. The arbitral tribunal evaluated the paintings that adorn the houses, farms and other elements of the farm in Jalibi. The works of local artists make tourists from Poland and abroad look wonderful and happy. See for yourself! Click the “View Gallery” button and move the photos to the right – arrow or the next button.

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58th edition of the “Painted Cottage” competition held in Jalibi

Preparations for the “Painted Cottage” competition, organized by the District Museum in Torno and the Painter House in Jalibi, have been going on for months. Local artists restored colorful paintings on their farms and created extraordinary, new works on buildings and their various elements.

In total, 98 people participated in the competition, including 19 children and adolescents from the twelve cities of Powell Deprovsky. Prizes were awarded in several categories.

In the category of painted houses, this year’s competition was specially prepared:

First place went:

  1. Sofia Janosek (Nivki)
  2. Maria Klastova
  3. Dorota Schizick
  4. Wanda Razia
  5. Wanda Mycek
  6. Jonah Christophe
  7. Bogusław Miś
  8. Anna Ovka
  9. Bernadette Chota
  10. Helena Lelek
  11. Sophia Janek (Jalipi)
  12. Janina Krug
  13. Magdalena Mia-Pochenek
  14. Sofia Kurtika
  15. Tanuda Timon
  16. Agnieszka Depros
  17. Irina Timon
  18. Lucina Łata
  19. Maria Światłowska
  20. Marcena Lisak

2nd prize awarded:

  1. Lydia Misterka
  2. Maria Bikul
  3. Maria Croke
  4. Sophia Timon
  5. Evelina Dargah
  6. Barbara Quiasta
  7. Alexandra Vojcisko
  8. Pyotr Vojcisco
  9. Bernadette Merchant
  10. Beta Siarak-Lelek
  11. Beta Crisis
  12. Sophia and Joseph Poduch
  13. Renata Cowell
  14. Maria Sierra
  15. Maria Saigon
  16. Tomas Schbeck
  17. Stanislaw Kotzeela
  18. Maria Storsiak
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Went to 3rd place:

  1. Viswa Krug
  2. Isabella Lelek
  3. Łukasz Ruta
  4. Patrick Ruta
  5. Helena Wajdovich
  6. Katarsina Kotsilava.
  7. Katarsina Vozhesko
  8. Maximilian Ruta

In the painting section placed from previous years

First place went:

  1. Alina Gibbs
  2. Claudia Janek
  3. Evelina Sokonovska
  4. Magorsatta ata
  5. Joseph Curiano
  6. Genovefa lover
  7. Theresa Versiak
  8. Anna Koksovka
  9. Janina Lisak
  10. Maria Sionka
  11. Aneta Schbeck

Went to 2nd place:

  1. Leocadia colonca
  2. Martina Cris
  3. Marta Legarsic-Ciesco
  4. Christina Klastova
  5. Paulina Liniak
  6. Sophia Ovka
  7. Martina Croke
  8. Elipeta Black
  9. Maria Miguna
  10. Anna Croke
  11. Barbara Wajik

Awards are given in support of folk art by appointing painters to decorate their own farm by the painters:

  • Maria Brenner
  • Zygmunt Szczygieł
  • Mieczysław Misiewicz

The collective difference is provided by:

  • Primary school in Jalibi
  • Kindergarten in Jalibi
  • Kindergarten in Olino
  • Primary school in Pilksa Żelichowska
  • Common room in Nivki
  • Fire Department in Jalibi
  • Painter’s house in Jalibi

In the children and youth section

First prize awarded:

  1. Gabriela Mias
  2. Marcelina Debros
  3. Victoria Carpenter
  4. Conrad Sierra
  5. Cockpar Sierra
  6. Alija Lelek
  7. Natalia Lelek
  8. Evelina Similovska
  9. Beta Similovska

They won second prize

  1. Sophia Liniak
  2. Patrick Koksovka
  3. Magdalena Łata
  4. Pig Lily
  5. Rosalia and Viktor Vozheskov

The awards for painting families went:

  • Patrick and Victoria with their mother Violeta Lele
  • Monica and Marlina with their mother Anna Bernard