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The hotel was hit after the "GW" revelations.  "The case is ready"

The hotel was hit after the “GW” revelations. “The case is ready”

There are a lot of unpleasant situations, for example, when someone enters the restaurant and shouts: “Do not let Obazkovo earn,” or if someone asks: “Can I help you with something?” Answers: “Nothing, we came to see. The fishermen made money ‘. I politely explain to everyone that Mr. Obajtek is not the owner of the bay, but the people do not know it. They believe the false news they got from Gazeta Vyborka, I will sue” Julia Domica says its business was hit when it got loud about the president’s real estate, Daniel Obajtek, in an interview with “Super Express” narrated the story of Julia Domica a few days ago.

I love the truth “

In an interview with the portal, Ms. Julia Domica talks about the dramatic situation in which her restaurant finds itself. He also reports on the behavior of people unfavorable to PKN Arlene’s president, who firmly believes it belongs to him.

I was called back. People do not understand that I rented the premises where “Sadoka Aniov” is located on a long-term contract from the President of PKN Arlan. Everyone says, “This is Daniel Obajtek’s restaurant and hotel.” There are a lot of unpleasant situations, for example, when someone enters a restaurant and says, “Don’t let Obazkov earn,” or “Can you help with something?” People go to our campus and take photos showing themselves “under the thumb” and write not to come here. I humbly try to explain that this restaurant does not belong to CEO Daniel Obaztek, it is only my company, but people do not understand it. This situation also affects employees, who also ask unpleasant things from people

In an interview with the portal, the owner said A few days to file a lawsuit against “Gazette Viborxa”.

People believe the false news I got from Gazette Vyborka, I will sue. The case is ready. It will be assembled in a few days. First, apologize, it would be a request to fix it. I think “Wyborcza” would not want to go to court because they wrote a lot of harmful things about us. They wrote everywhere that the “Bay of Angels” belonged to President Daniel Obajtek, as I still insist, only his building. The company is mine, I came up with the name, I did the renewal, I borrowed for it, and now I worry about whether I have enough funds to repay it, whether there are customers or not. Hate. I wrote the edits on Facebook and the website, but it didn’t reach some people, they believe it was “Restaurant Daniela Obajka”

Ays Chase Julia Domica.

I do not care about claims for damages, I want to correct the truth and write

D adds.

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I’m worried about the season. “

The owner of the restaurant and hotel admits that a large number of tourists came to Seba last weekend, and a lot of them appeared in her place. However, he agrees that hotel bookings will be canceled.

Now it was a long weekend, so a lot of people came to Seba and we had a few more customers. But seasonal bookings are canceled

E Means.

Last season, he stressed that despite an epidemic, it could still be considered a success.

Despite the epidemic, I can count on success last season. This is my first year, I have no experience, I do not know what it will be like, it turned out that it was better than I initially thought. Currently, 50 percent can be rented out. Rooms, and I only have five, so I can actually rent only two. If I don’t rent them, I have problems

He agrees.

When asked about the restaurant’s traffic, he replied:

The “Super Express” was in my place before Corpus Christi, and they found the gardens empty. People come to the restaurant, but to take pictures. It was great this weekend, but I’m worried about the season.

This is disgusting. “

It was quiet, I thought it would be nice, but it’s not because it started with emails, phone calls, comments on the internet, now people come to the restaurant and take photos of themselves, some stupid faces, which is disgusting. After all, I could have rented a seat from any other MP, politician or priest. If someone has money, invests in real estate, not a hotel or gastronomer, he is looking for someone to rent, it’s probably easy, it’s all over the world. When I rented this place, I did not think that whoever I rented would affect my business and the way business was conducted in this country. I thought there was freedom in economic activities, it didn’t matter who owned the buildings

-These lines.

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