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Sebastian Fabijaski gave an interview, which was immediately removed.  Why?

Sebastian Fabijaski gave an interview, which was immediately removed. Why?

Sebastian Fabijazki has long provoked controversy with his lifestyle, attitude to critics and rap songs. The popular actor recently gave an interview to the Impondropilia channel in which he complained about his disapproval. Carol Pesiorek may also have trouble understanding the guest because the conversation has already disappeared from the network.

The meeting between Fabyzowski and the speakers was advertised online: “Never had a conversation like this with Sebastian Fabizansky.” In fact, in some twisted sense, one can conclude that truth is entangled with announcements because such a conversation no longer exists. Anywhere. We do not see it on YouTube or Spotify. So the question is: what really happened in the few hours that it was released?

According to the film’s title, during the meeting, the “Hedge Park” program featured an interview with Christoph Stanovsky, the new album of the corruption group (Fabijawski is a part of it), jazz cabela and drama. From cubophane. This sounds interesting on paper, but according to the first listener / audience, it is sometimes very difficult to hear the conversation. On Carol Pasiorek’s Facebook, you can read the comments that the two commentators could not adapt to each other and could not broadcast on completely different wavelengths.

Importantly, YouTube fans did not criticize either side for the failed interview. Opinions on the status of the conversation differed, but according to several recipients, Carol Paciorek treated her guest lightly and interrupted her. In turn, Sebastian Fabijaski’s approach was perceived as a certain hypocrisy by the audience. On the one hand, it was clear that public disapproval hurt him. On the other hand, he is said to have struggled with criticism in the comments, thus accelerating the cycle of mutual hatred. As a result, the film gained a lot of foothold.

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Viewers anticipated that Sebastian Fabijansky had just begun to remove the record. But according to the person about himself, this thing is a little different. Under the post about the piece posted on his Instagram yesterday Bottle letter Until recently, you could see a celebrity discussion with a group of fans. From that we learn that it was Carol Pasiorek who finally asked for a photo of the film. The comment was removed, but as you know, nothing was lost on the Internet. And some interesting things come out of it. First, the lack of chemistry between Paciork and Fabijansky was not the audience’s imagination. Second, it eventually turned into a text message read to the bone of contention, whose main character was Christoph Stanovsky.

Sebastian Fabijaski asked to remove them, to which he replied that it was best to remove the entire interview.

However, it is difficult to say whether this fact will somehow affect the actor’s rating by the public. Sebastian Fabijaski is a figure who is clearly invaluable. One day he gives an honest interview about staying in a mental hospital, for which he gets a lot of compliments. The next one is arguing with people in the comments. Another time, he might get into a fight with a teenager and as a result announce his departure from Instagram and return there as soon as nothing happened.

All of this makes him look like a person who constantly wants to be admired and admired, and on the other hand, very sensitive to any criticism. After every subsequent corruption, it suffers a lot because it is not accepted by the society. At the same time it does not prevent him from giving more interviews and making new efforts to convince the public. The problem is, rough skin is essential in a celebrity’s life. One can accept criticism and learn to ignore hatred even to some extent. Sebastian Fabijaski probably did not understand it or did not want to accept it.