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A crisis in the Piotr yła relationship?  This picture explains everything

A crisis in the Piotr yła relationship? This picture explains everything

Marcelina Ziętek appeared in Wisla, where the weekend Adam Małysz hosts the World Cup. The smile on that actress’ face was so good.


Press Items / COS / Paweł Skraba / In Photo: Piotr yła

The best ski jumpers in the world have been competing in the World Cup since Friday in Wisla. A group match is scheduled for Saturday and an individual match for Sunday. The Adam Malice, however, qualified for the individual competition yesterday.

Piotr Żyła’s thumb pressed by his partner Marcelina Ziętek. The actress in her insta story released some snapshots from Wisla (see below).

A few days ago, the gossip media wrote that Żyła and Ziętek were going through difficult days. As reported by, Ziętek has stopped following the jumper’s profiles on social media, and several joint photos of the couple have disappeared from his Instagram account (and here).

However, Wisla’s films show that the crisis in their relationship – if it exists – is a thing of the past. The smile on the face of the actress, known from the “Szkoła” or “19+” series, proves that “Wiewióra”‘s reliance on Wisła was a success.

The fans cheered. Piotr Żyła’s partner showed a hot photo

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