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Grnik Zabrze - Silesia Wrocław.  Shoot!  Relationship and decision.  PKO Extraclassa

Grnik Zabrze – Silesia Wrocław. Shoot! Relationship and decision. PKO Extraclassa

The biggest problem for both teams this season is stability. For this match, winning three matches in a row surpassed the strength of the two. This can be especially offensive for Jacek Makira’s players who have not regained interest in promotion to Europe, but they may have a big problem riding up and down this season. Kournick was driven by the victory over Legia, who improved on a particular victory with பெயczna’s names, and had to look for the answer to the question of whether his players were ready to go one step further in the game with Silesia. This will be an important match for Corniche as he will play against Pocon, Rakovo and Lech later this year. It is always good to play close to the top when you are on the path to success.

So the game of overcoming inaccessibility started on the Zabrze side. And Lukasz Podolski made sure his form was getting better and better again, and the trail of recent victories in the game for him and his teammates was noticeable because they played with confidence. Silesia does not have that much self-confidence. Perhaps this was due to their damaged line-up – on the one hand, Eric Exposito returned after the pause, but the sick Christoph Mexiski was missing inside.

Punch verse after the break

Jacek Magira has repeatedly stressed that John Urban, whom he met in Legia, had a major impact on his coaching career. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. So we had to see which of them prepared the best plan for the match and prepared the players best for it. Experience itself showed that the first half was the winner this time. The speed of the miners overwhelmed the guests, as a result The Wrocław inhabitants, who were comfortable with the ball, chased it mainly this time and were unable to dominate the opponent. They had trouble keeping up with the hosts, sometimes the speed was too fast for them, and then Matúš Putnocký saved them.

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We weren’t in the break at Cornick’s dressing room, but Urban must have kept telling his players there that he just couldn’t see the punch line. Because the steps to ensure goodness are over. The coach’s words were taken to heart by Bardos Djokovic, who added two goals to his third consecutive victory.

Shovi Podolski

In Zabrze, after a bad start to the season, the mood improved significantly. The club does not yet have a leader and a sports director, but regular successes have emerged. The more puzzles upstairs, the more someone can decide that the team will play better. And be smart here.

Urban may be happy to see his stamp on the miner’s game that he started stamping in the summer. Zabrze turned out to be very unpredictable, the best picture of this change was Krzysztof Kubica, a central midfielder who often ran like a striker and deepened the confusion of the Silesian defenders. Zabrze’s skill was great, but for the Magiera players it was very troublesome. On the one hand, they had to watch the combined play of the trio of Podolski, Novak and Jimenez, and their pressure was dangerous – taking the ball in the middle of Kubika’s field ended with a second goal. Sluggish and steady players from Silesia also do not know how to defend themselves against steep passes. That could not have happened, thanks to the fact that in the end they only lost by two goals.

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Podolski scored the third goal. And of what kind, the Silesian sends the missile straight into the upper right corner of the gate. After a beautiful goal in the previous round at czna, after the league breakout, Podolski insisted that he would only shoot this way. In response to Silesia, there was a beautiful goal by Adrian Lyscars

In the end, we return to the patron saint of the miners, because while Barbara is frozen, Mikołaj is said to be bringing ice. Kornick players have also cooled their rivals and now the menu is rising significantly. In the upcoming matches, Urban players will find out where their maximum is.

Górnik Zabrze – Slask Wroclaw 3: 1 (0: 0)

Goals: Bardos Novak (49, 54), Lukasz Podolski (79) – Peter Schwartz (82)