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"The Voice of Poland 12".  Marta Bertinovich wins project!  Thus she proclaimed victory to herself [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“The Voice of Poland 12”. Marta Bertinovich wins project! Thus she proclaimed victory to herself [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The final competition of the twelfth edition of “The Voice of Poland” is behind us, in which four most talented singers confronted each other: Marta Bertinovich, Victor Tidula, Rafas Kozic and Bardos Madage. There can only be one winner.

Held on Saturday, December 4th The end of the twelfth edition of the concert “The Voice of Poland”. Four singers faced it: March Bertinovich (Justina Steskovskaya’s team), Victor Tidula (Thomson & Baron team), Rafal Kozik (Sylwia Grzeszczak’s team) and Bardos Madage (Team by Marek Piekarczyk). The finalists defeated thousands of candidates and delighted the audience with their votes. But there can only be one winner.

“The Voice of Poland 12”. Who won the project?

Who will win the twelfth edition of “The Voice of Poland”? The audience decided. In the final match, which was divided into three stages, their voices decided who would still have a chance to perform on stage and who would say goodbye to the match before the end of the episode. By the decision of the audience Marta was the winner of the show Bertinovich, Under the care of Justyna Steczkowska. This season, he received the title of “Best Voice in Poland”. 50 thousand slots and a contract with a registration company.

Marta Putrinovich won “The Voice of Poland 12”

Marta Bertinovich, The only singer in this year’s finals, He shined on the stage of “The Voice of Poland” thanks to the song “Sklanga Voda” from the set of Pajm. During the show All the coaches returned. Martha made her decision Choose Justyna Steczkowska as your guide. During the battles, he sang the hit song “My Heart Will Go On” from Celine Dion’s ensemble, along with Victor Kowalski. By the coach’s decision, she was the one who won the music competition. During an extraordinary knockout show, the finalist sang the song “I Will Never Love Again” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, which featured her in live episodes. Introduction Marta Burdinovich’s single “Nothing Shame” Audiences first listened to the semifinal episode last Saturday.

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