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MacBook Pro 2021 without lettering MacBook Pro and with M1X processor?

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Featured » MacBook Pro 2021 without lettering MacBook Pro and with M1X processor?

The MacBook Pro shouldn’t come with the M2 chip yet, Apple would like to add a much more intermediate stage than that. However, the number of cores will increase and more Thunderbolt ports must also be included.

Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro will be equipped with an Apple Silicon processor, just like the current model. This should be a slice 9to5Mac It is now referred to as the M1X. This is based on information from a source who has already provided reliable information about upcoming Apple updates in the past.

The M1X chip should be equipped with the same cores (Icestorm and Firestone for efficiency and performance) as the current M1, but simply contain more of these cores. Ultimately, this results in more Thunderbolt connections and more supported external displays, which is a limitation for current M1 models.

The new MacBook Pro will also feature a 1080p camera, SD card reader and MagSafe, as the source continues. In addition, Apple will remove MacBook Pro lettering from the new 14-inch and 16-inch models.

The M2 will come next year

However, Apple has kept the M2 designation for a processor that won’t appear until next year. It will then be in the new MacBook Air, among other things, they say. Recently, Bloomberg Editor Mark Gorman published many details about the potential combination of the new MacBooks and Mac Pro. After that, the new MacBook Pro should have up to 64 GB of RAM. We summarized its predictions for the Mac Pro and Mac Mini in another press release.

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