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Macron’s government is still in place – it passed two votes of no confidence

Macron’s government is still in place – it passed two votes of no confidence

278 voted for no confidence in the first vote, but 287 were required to bring down the government. In the second vote, only 94 members voted in favor of a vote of no confidence.

Last week, two different motions of no confidence, one by the left-wing Nupes coalition and the other by the far-right National Society, were lodged against the government and Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne.

The no-confidence vote follows a lengthy process in which Macron’s government has long tried to drum up support for raising the retirement age in France. The Senate voted on March 16 in favor of the government line, but the National Assembly threatened to block the motion.

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Then the government and the prime minister pulled the emergency brakes and on Thursday released Article 49.3 of the constitution. It gives the prime minister the right to bypass members of the National Assembly and make sure the law is passed no matter what they say.

The only option to stop the bill was to go ahead with a vote of no confidence and try to bring down the entire government.

But the government got away with it twice. As a result, the retirement age in France will be raised to 64, and the number of years you need to work to receive a full pension will also be increased.

– It was the expected result that happened today, says SVT foreign correspondent Ida Linde from Paris.

Turbulence is expected

The government’s decision last week to trigger Article 49.3 to approve the proposal sparked outrage, and after weeks of peaceful demonstrations, police on Saturday banned protests in a square near the Paris parliament over the unrest.

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However, the demonstrations are expected to continue Monday evening.

We expect that the streets will soon be filled with more police officers. We are standing at the Place de la Concorce, says Ida Linde, as you will probably soon feel anxious.