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Magda Kessler showed her legs. What is wrong with them?

Magda Kessler’s feet were targeted by internet users. What does not apply to them? The star responded to the review with another photo. It did not stop the avalanche of speculation …

Magda Kessler The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Probably everyone can quote one of his iconic statements from the project Kitchen Revolutions, Has been offered on every TVN schedule for over 11 years. New, first episodes of the show are airing from September.

Magda Kessler ft – Fans have comments, and the restaurant responds

The restaurant is characterized by an excellent sense of humor and distance to itself. A few days ago, on her Instagram profile, she posted a photo of herself lying in an evil seat on a large, oval pillow. She actively picks up a fancy dress and looks into the lens.

Here is the fun. I feel like in a camp – she wrote.

There was an unexpected reaction from internet users to the photo which looks innocent. The reason? Interesting …

The commentators drew attention to their favorite leg, the shape of which bothered them the most:

What happened to your toes? They asked anxiously.

Magda was not indifferent to the inquiries:

So … – she replied.

With a short comment the star did not promise the fans. Internet users began staring at their idol feet to solve the “strange finger” puzzle:

That comes from the base of the toe. A finger was placed on the “finger” – they wrote.

They didn’t wait long for the star’s final response. Magda decided to mention the comments of the previous photo with a new post. She showed her feet in all her glory, dispelled all doubts, and satisfied the curiosity of all speculators (well, almost everything …):

My lazy … you weird feet … are already waking up … they feel new on the outside !!!! Ha ha – she said.

Kessler thus gave a nod to the haters. She showed that she had a distance and did not care what internet users were writing. Despite the clear message, another group of spectators began to focus on another detail in the appearance of Kessler’s legs – a detail they had not noticed in the previous photo. There were speculations about the “Walkus Call” or the famous Banyans:

I feel sorry for the women who are with Banyan. The feet are badly affected, so they are very deformed.

Do you think Magda will still respond, or did she end the discussion about her limbs with the last shot?

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