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Ivona Skymalla left TVB 10 years ago.  We know how Jedinka's star is today and what it does

Ivona Skymalla left TVB 10 years ago. We know how Jedinka’s star is today and what it does

Ivona Schimalla, who has not been seen for a long time, appeared at a press conference a few days ago with the participation of Christina Zanda, Marta Lech-Macievska and other famous women. What is former TV star Jedinga doing today?

Ivona Skymalla Many years ago he was one of the most important figures in Polish television. Editor of the popular magazine “Coffee or Tea?” And in 2009 “Between Earth and Heaven”, he was also appointed director of TVP1. However, he held the position of executive for some time, and a few months later he returned to direct some of the station’s programs. At the time, he was also working in Jedinga’s editorial office and television advertising. Interestingly, a year later, she was handed back as the director of DVB1, but this time the presenter did not stop appearing in front of the camera at once. The merger of the two positions did not exclude her from the public broadcaster anyway Dissatisfied with the company’s situation and the new contract awarded to it, he finally left TVB in November 2011. He spent a total of 21 years in Voronezh.

After completing her many years of adventure on Polish television, Ivona Schimalla never returned to sight. However, it is no secret that in 2015 he entered the race for the position of Chairman of the Management Board of the Station Oversight Board. The journalist rarely appears in public today, but that does not mean he is no longer active in the media space.

Ivona Skymalla deals with conducting conferences and press conferences. But that’s not all. Since 2007, she has been the Vice President of the Family Heart and Understanding Foundation, which deals with helping needy children around the world. Meanwhile, he has written several books on very different topics: “The Announcer’s Career”, “Parkinson’s Guide to Patients and Their Relatives” and “Almost Perfect Crime”.

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Yvonne Shimla appeared at a conference in Warsaw on September 20. “Polish Women and Breast Cancer – Awareness, Support, Results“The photojournalists at the event were dedicated to the most important topic of women’s health, and photos of the event went online. Ivona Shimalla, who turned 60 this year, can safely admit that she has not changed much since what she saw on TV. The journalist only grew her shoulder length hair a little and changed its color a little.

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