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Magdalena Ogorek criticizes mother in harsh words!  "For me it's artificial for pain"

Magdalena Ogorek criticizes mother in harsh words! “For me it’s artificial for pain”

Magdalena Okorek, a presenter on public television, decided to make an honest confession about the rapper’s mother. She did not give up her words! “My God, Mata fans will rush to hear this podcast,” the woman said. Are you curious to know exactly what he said about the musician who is loved by a large part of our community? Get ready for the best emotions!

Magdalena Okorek of TVP criticizes rapper Mata

Magdalena Okorek appeared on the Żurnalist podcast. That’s where she decided to confess About Michał Matczak. She provoked a confrontation again and it seemed like it was over …

God, Mother’s fans will be rushing to hear this podcast. Let me tell you how I feel. Boy is a creation for me. I do not trust him, I do not trust him

I think Rob is a good expression. For me, Mata is artificial. I did not buy a banana boy from high school, it is theoretically very good, but it has its problems, because we know what’s going on in the battery and what these kids are under pressure. I did not buy into this reality of his. He never talks to me in any way.

Another part of the conflict in the TVP-Matczak line

This is not all! The TVP presenter once again beat Mata’s dad – Professor Matsak. Do you think he is right?

The mother’s father mentioned that he had consulted his son. I refer to a specific statement. I think there are some cool rappers in this rap world, but I did not buy Mata. I understand he has fans, he found a goal with a message or song, But this is not the moment to say a little compliment … I value every success because there is undoubtedly hard work behind every success.

In our gallery, remember the Mata song that caused the storm! The TV also hit! Do you think this is revenge for the text?

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Mata has been the subject of considerable controversy since the beginning of her career