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Mallorca - Barcelona: What time?  Where to look?  TV and online broadcasting

Mallorca – Barcelona: What time? Where to look? TV and online broadcasting

FC Barcelona is going through the most difficult moment in its history. The Catalan club have suffered several defeats in the league and internationally this season. For Barca this season, capturing a place in the European competition will be a huge success. For those who play Sunday, the main goal will be to stay in the top division this season.

Lalika. When will Barca return at full strength?

Learners are really a shadow of their own power, and we still remember it. The club and team are going through a very difficult period and you can see that in the results. Barca are currently seventh with twenty-eight points. Catalans can use a hit to jump into the knockout zone. Barca’s chances are that the league’s leaders have the most regular accidents, meaning point differences are not large and can be reduced or eliminated at any time. In addition, Barcelona can use consecutive wins, meanwhile Camp Nou Interviews Club wins with draws and defeats. In the previous round, Barாa drew 1: 1 with Sevilla.

Lalika. A tough challenge ahead for Mallorca, but can’t take chances

Mallorca will not be competing for the European Cups this season, but to defend themselves in the La Liga. For now, the players of Louis Garcia Plaza are in fifteenth place with twenty points. They have a five point advantage over the exit zone, so victory will definitely come in handy. It’s been hard to win at the club lately. Two rounds ago, the home team drew 0-0 with Zelda. In the last game it was not so good because Mallorca lost the match against Granada, losing the match 1: 4. Today, despite the problems, Barcelona seem to be a tough opponent. However, do not lose faith in the hosts of the tournament, especially since Barca plays to the point of losing to everyone.

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La Liga: Mallorca – Barcelona. Online Live Stream and TV

19th La Liga: Mallorca – Barcelona on Sunday, January 2. The match starts at 21:00. The Mallorca-Barcelona match will be televised on the Canal Plus Sport 2 channel and on the site.