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Major fire in California – threatens to devour the city |  News

Major fire in California – threatens to devour the city | News

It is said that dry land, tall grass, strong winds and many lightning strikes are the explanation for why the wildfires in California spread so quickly in the United States.

It was around 2 p.m. on Friday when the California Fire Department was first alerted to the wildfires. Since then, emergency services have done everything they can to get the fire under control, ABC News reports

By Sunday morning, it had destroyed more than 20,000 hectares of land and destroyed about 100 buildings.

A nearby town of about 8000 inhabitants, located in the national park, is now threatened by being engulfed in flames. 2Fmckinney-fire-explodes-51000-acres-california%2Fstory%3Fid%3D87706026

More than 500 firefighters

At the same time, authorities issued warnings of high temperatures and noted the occurrence of local thunderstorms in the area.

568 firefighters are working to put out fires in the national park. Fires are lit on the ground and from the air by helicopters.

It’s been really unpredictable winds, from the start until now, firefighter Kelsey Lovda of the California Fire Department tells ABC.

No deaths or injuries have been reported since the fire broke out.

During July, there were several wildfires in California. Another fire broke out in the state near Yosemite National Park, and as of Sunday had destroyed about 19,000 hectares of land and destroyed 182 buildings.

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