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Mali denies the presence of Russian mercenaries

The announcement came after 15 Western countries have a military presence in Mali, including Canada, Germany, France, Britain and Sweden. He signed a statement condemning the group’s activities in Mali. The statement was also directed at the Russian government, which was said to be providing material support to Wagner’s operations in the country.

But now the government, based in the capital, Bamako, is demanding independent bodies provide evidence of the presence of a paramilitary group of soldiers in the country.

According to the statement of the response, the “Russian coaches” were there, only to enhance the operational activities of Mali, in which it was stated that the conviction consisted of “unfounded accusations”.

“Bamako only participates in a state-to-state partnership with the Russian Federation, and is a historical partner,” the government said in a statement.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Lindy (Q) wrote in an email to DN on Christmas Eve that the government has information that the Wagner Group has employees on site in Mali.

“In cooperation with our international partners, we must assess the situation,” she said, among other things.

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