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WHO investigates mysterious infection in South Sudan – nearly 100 dead

There is a large number of deaths in the city of Fangak located in the northern parts of the country, which has drawn the attention of both the World Health Organization and the local authorities. something like The BBC was the first to report.

The majority of those who died were children aged 14 or over.

Two weeks ago, local authorities alerted dozens of mysterious deaths to the area, which has been hit hard by floods during the fall and winter seasons.

Initial samples in the area indicated that it was not a cholera outbreak.

We have decided to send a rapid response team that will conduct a risk assessment and investigation. They will be able to collect samples from patients, but the initial number we received is that there have been 89 deaths, Sheila Paya of the World Health Organization tells the BBC.

Cough, diarrhea, fever, headache, chest pain, joint pain and lack of appetite are some examples of symptoms experienced by the patient.

according to News letters WHO Special Forces have now left the area. Whether they were able to obtain new information about the disease – and what it consists of in this case – is still unknown.

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