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Manchester City - Tottenham.  Insane note.  Tottenham snatched a win

Manchester City – Tottenham. Insane note. Tottenham snatched a win

Before the game, Manchester City were the clear leader in the table. Citizens were 63 points behind their credit and six points ahead of Liverpool FC. Importantly, they can boast of a better series because their last defeat came in December, when they lost to RB Leipzig in the Champions League. In the Premier League, they were last defeated at the end of October when they left the field. Their winner was then Crystal Palace.

Tottenham Hotspur have done less than expected so far. Roosters finished eighth with 36 points. Arsenal, who lost six “points”, were in last place, which was awarded with a promotion to the trophies. The last games were too weak for Tottenham as they recorded three consecutive defeats.

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We do not have to wait long for the first goal of this match, because in the fourth minute Hein-Min played with Tejan Kulusevsky, who unexpectedly highlighted the guests in this game. The hosts did not want to wait and attacked immediately.

Ilkay Guendogan had a chance in the 21st minute but the ball bounced off the post after he scored. The old adage is that delay does not run. This time it was the same. In the 33rd minute, Quentin found the ball again in the penalty area, this time he hit the net. The first half was a 1-1 draw until the break due to a lack of favorable conditions.

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The hosts were definitely successful in the first half and created a lot of goalkeeping situations for themselves. It was not finally translated before or after the break. Gokudi regained the lead in the 59th minute. Son Harry found Kane with a nice pass, and he entered the sniper list with a shot through the window.

Interestingly, according to the “MisterChip” profile, son and Kane have helped each other 36 times. An Englishman did it 17 times and a courier 19 times. In doing so, they equaled the Premier League record so far owned by Didier Trocca and Frank Lampard.

The citizens once again found themselves in a difficult situation and attacked again. Quentin had a great chance again in this match, but this time he stood in the position of goalkeeper of the rivals. Unexpectedly, the guests hit the web again. In the 73rd minute, Kane scored, but after VAR analysis, the referee looked offside and withdrew the goal.

Despite attempts to attack Manchester City the result remained unchanged for a long time. In the 90th minute the situation changed completely. After Gabriel Romero touched the ball with his hand in his own penalty area and analyzed, the referee awarded a penalty kick to the hosts. Riyadh Mahrez approached the ball and equalized with a confident shot.

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The 2: 2 draw did not fully satisfy both teams. The city certainly succeeded and created the most favorable target conditions. Tottenham took the lead twice and lost twice. As it is, this is not the end of the shoot. In the fifth minute of extra time, Kulisevsky made a pass into the penalty area. Kane moved closer to setting the score at 3-2 for the crowd.

City are still in the lead after the defeat, but Liverpool have a chance to reduce the deficit to three points. Tottenham advanced to seventh and lost three “eyes” to the trophy promotion status. In the next round, the Citizens will play against Everton and the Roosters against Burnley.

Manchester City – Tottenham Hotspur 2: 3 (1: 1)

Goals: Ilke Quentogen (33), Riyadh Mahrez (90 + 2-K) – Dejan Kulusevsky (4), Harry Kane (59, 90 + 5)