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Manchester United takes a plane on a flight… 10 minutes

On their Saturday (4pm) flight to Leicester, Manchester United made the trip on a private jet while the two cities are 160km apart. The leaders of the Red Devils tried to justify this decision.

Only 160 km separates the cities of Manchester and Leicester. However, Manchester United staff deemed it appropriate to make the trip on a private jet, while the two clubs meet on Saturday (4pm) during the eighth day of the Premier League (on RMC Sport). The Red Devils justified this decision due to specific “conditions”, namely, the closure of a local highway.

The Manchester United team has been criticized on social media and identified for this domestic trip, accused of disrespecting the environment. In recent weeks, Club Manconian announced a partnership with the Renewable Energy Group, a company specializing in biodiesel and renewable energies. The statement said it wanted to “raise awareness about how people can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet”.

A letter that necessarily seems inconsistent with the decision to take a flight to Leicester. interrogated by BBCManconian’s team defended itself against hostile backlash. The club claims to have “reduced annual carbon emissions by more than 2,700 tons since 2008”, achieving “12 consecutive years of energy and carbon reductions thanks to the club’s programme”.

Manchester United also claimed that it “has an approved green electricity purchase policy for all club buildings and facilities” and has also received “Carbon Trust Standard certification for the sixth year in a row in 2020”. Meanwhile, the trip was fast for Cristiano Ronaldo and his partners, with an estimated flight time of 10 minutes according to woman.

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