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Manuel’s house swept away by water blocks: “Everything is gone”

Manuel’s house swept away by water blocks: “Everything is gone”

Late Thursday evening, clearing work is in full swing in the village of Schulde, Germany. The community, which has a population of less than 1,000, has been at the center of reports of floods that affected large parts of Western Europe.

When dn . arrives To the village the weather changes between sun, clouds and torrential rain. Inside the Schuld, rescue forces, police and the Red Cross gathered at the apparently intact church. On the other side of the street, water rushes into the Ahr River, washing away entire homes and injuring many.

One of the homes that was washed away is owned by Manuel Muller. With a sad look, he looks at what was once his home.

– My house is gone. Totally gone. I am feeling Lost. Six of my neighbors’ houses are completely destroyed, as has the bridge to a small part of our village. He says: I saw water 5-6 meters high gushing violently.

walking around slowly The position is taken significantly.

– I only slept an hour last night. I couldn’t eat in 24 hours.

Manuel was forced to flee his home without taking any belongings with him.

– Everything disappeared. Cash and family photos… I didn’t bring anything with me. The water came very quickly – after an hour the house completely disappeared.

picture 1 from 3
Eleonor Klassen at her sister’s partially water-damaged home.

Photography: Alexander Mahmoud

picture 2 from 3
Mud and debris are swept away outside Eleonor’s sister’s home.

Photography: Alexander Mahmoud

picture 3 from 3

Photography: Alexander Mahmoud

Eleanor Klasgen, another villager, appears around his sister’s destroyed house. The entire first floor was submerged in water, and they spent the whole day cleaning and shoveling the water. They carefully placed dolls, family photos, and a potted plant on the bench outside.

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– I asked myself “why”? Why is this tidal wave coming? There were many of us who were very afraid. Eleonor Klasgen says I saw cars floating away.

– I just want to cry but we have to fix everything first.

picture 1 from 2
Harald Nöppingen with his daughter Karina. They lived on a hill above the village.

Photography: Alexander Mahmoud

picture 2 from 2
“Currently, there is no cellphone coverage, water or electricity in the community,” said Andreas Holhead, a spokesman for the Adenau Fire Brigade.

Photography: Alexander Mahmoud

Harald Knübingen, who was not badly affected by the flood, lives on the highest hill above the village. He had not yet dared to enter society to witness the destruction.

– It’s disgustingly quiet here now. Everyone may be shocked. As long as we know everyone we know survived and we are happy, he says, surrounded by his children Giuliano and Karina.

In total 40 houses They were injured, but this morning the firefighters were able to prove that no one was missing in Schojeld.

– There were 40-50 people in need of rescue last night. We had to use some creative approaches with the divers, boats and helicopters involved to get everyone to safety, says Andreas Holhead, press spokesperson for the Adenau Rescue Service.

The fire brigade is now working frantically By removing landslides and making sure that no toxic substances or gases escape from any damaged tank.

– At the moment there is no mobile coverage, water or electricity in the community. Those who could not live in their own homes were moved to higher housing. We have received a lot of help from the villagers, and the solidarity is strong here in the area.

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When we stand and talk, it starts raining again.

– We know it’s going to rain tonight, so we’re trying to prepare as best we can. But we can’t do much against nature, says Andreas Holhead.

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