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New York prepares for vaccine chaos

Soberg, fire stations closed and fewer policemen and ambulances were on the streets. New Yorkers may anticipate this in the future as unvaccinated government employees are prevented from working.

Starting Monday, all government employees in New York are required to vaccinate against the coronavirus. Something still thousands of them are not.

On Friday afternoon, police, firefighters, garbage collectors and most other city employees had to show proof that they had been vaccinated. Without proof, she’s waiting for unpaid leave from Monday.

Mayor of the city Bill de Palcio However, he tries to calm those who are worried and says the city is on alert. Among other things, garbage collectors will work longer shifts and also pick up garbage on Sundays, he says.

Nearly a fifth of city employees who were vaccinated had not even had a dose Thursday — including 21 percent of police officers, 29 percent of emergency and ambulance services, and 33 percent of garbage collectors. Prison staff have another month to vaccinate.

Vaccine sites will be open additionally throughout the weekend. Police also attracted $500 on Friday to all police officers who took the opportunity to get vaccinated during the day.

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